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I am a writer, filmmaker, and educator based in New York City.  My career as a storyteller began over fifteen years ago making educational films on the tiny island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia. Since then I have written, directed and produced television, documentaries, web-series, features and short films in the US and abroad. I have also written short stories, essays, screenplays, and most recently an illustrated novella entitled, A Conjuring In The Gyre, that I also illustrated.

My work has been included in festivals, screenings, and exhibitions in the US and abroad. My documentaries about disability, One Hundred Steps, and We Will Ride are often used to teach disability rights in university classrooms and advocacy organizations. My short film, Cunda's Pasteles recently premiered as part of the New York Women in Film and Television 2018 Immigrant Stories Series I have a BS in Journalism from Boston University and an MFA in Visual Storytelling from The School of Visual Arts. I currently teach filmmaking in the Masters in Directing program at The School of Visual Arts. I have also taught at The Maine Media Workshops, Northshore Community College, and The College of Micronesia.

I am currently the Director of Operations for the Masters in Directing program. I continue to write, produce, and direct independent and freelance projects. My stories are born from a life spent exploring, climbing, diving, and adventuring around the world. 



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